Viktor Egorov


Viktor Egorov (1926-2003), Olga's father, spent his early childhood in Russian village on the Volga river. Later while he was still a kid his family moved to Tashkent. During WWII he lost his parents and tried to join the army. However, he didn't get to forefront but was sent to troops stationed in Middle Asia.

"I was dreaming about Russian birches",- he used to say about that time. In the 1950-th he came to Moscow region without any means, but with a strong will to live in Russia and learn art. Musician, poet, artist - that's what people knew him for.

His main work was to create commercial posters. Even though he was busy at work he tried to spend as much time as he can en plein air.

Every summer he went to Usolye village, Yaroslavl region.

He called that place his motherland.

That is the same place where Olga made her first steps in art.